Halfbust corset M 2057 / M 2057 Sp

Front length: 34 cm

Back length: 35 cm

Fastener: visible, 5 hooks,

wigona busk with an underbusk

EU sizes: 32-54

Straps: 4, removable

Modesty panel: without, on request with


This corset is a classic as well. The somewhat high sideward upper edge creates a push-up effect, which forms a beautiful décolleté. The bottom edge runs down rounded and makes a belly look flat. The entire cut is a tribute to the Empire style. The smaller ladies can wear this model as an overbust corset as well as an outer garment.

An additional narrow lace border on the front seam and sidewards on the breast contour cause an optical stretching of the body and accentuate the body line. The lace is optionally available tone-in-tone or in contrast to the corset fabric.