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Overbust corsets

Modesty panel

On request, a modesty panel can be ordered for each corset, which does not have any as a standard.

A modesty panel protects the skin of your back, prevents wrinkles which can occur during lacing and accomplishes the corset.


As a special extra, we conjure up opulent, fine and enchanting applications for you. Unique and high-quality hand work.


As a further extra, additional cords are available in different colours. Colours on request.

Vertical lace

As an especially decorative element, a vertical lace border (see M 2057 Sp) can be attached to all corsets, which have hook fasteners. It can be integrated in every seam. For colour selection, see fabrics selection.


Additional removable straps can be ordered for each corset, which has hook fasteners. You decide, how many straps you want to wear with your corset - we only attach the necessary amount of loops. Straps are available in black and white colours.


Like the vertical lace border, pipings can be attached to every seam of a corset too. The body line will be thus optically accentuated. An interesting optical effect that draws a slender frame. The pipings are available in three colours: white, black, and pink.

Strengthened eyelets

A corset can be additionally equipped with strengthened eyelets. The eyelets are thus embodied firmly in a fabric using an additional metal ring on the back side. Tearing out of the eyelets is prevented in this way. That is especially useful for thickset figures, for heavy use of the corset and for extension of its life-time.

Gilded fastener

As a special highlight, your corset can be fitted with with a gilded fastener and matching gilded eyelets (18 carat). The fastener is thus highlighted as a decorative element - it is recommended for fabrics with gold ornaments. The guilding is possible with the following models:
M 2053, M 2054, M 2055, M 20, M 28, M 29