  Corset sizes   

This is how you can establish the corset size which you need to make an order:

Measure the girth of your waist, hip and underbust. The hips should be measured approx. 10-15 cm below the waist. These are loose measurements. Calculate the value of the waist minus 10 cm (because of lacing) and compare this value to the value in the table. Round it up or down. Your size is in the left column.

The sizes of our zip corsets correspond generally to the standard clothing sizes. However, we recommend wearing a corset one size smaller than your normal size in order to make the waist effect more visible. This recommendation applies only for ladies with a bust size up to B. Beginning from bust size C, we recommend your normal clothing size.

All measurements are listed in cm without regard to lacing. This table helps to establish the size of classic corsets with hook fastener.

size Waist
in cm
in cm
in cm
32 46 75 65
34 51 80 70
36 56 85 75
38 61 90 80
40 66 95 85
42 71 100 90
44 76 105 95
46 81 110 100
48 86 115 105
50 91 120 110
52 96 125 115
54 101 130 120

  How to put on a corset  

  1. Place the corset around the body from behind.
  2. Loosen the lacing so far that the corset can be laid around the body and fastened at the front with ease.
  3. If doing that without assistance, we recommend to start with the second hook from the bottom, then to fasten hook by hook and finally to close the undermost one.
  4. If you have a helper, we recommend you fasten the uppermost hook at first. After that, held the bottom ends of the corset firmly held in both hands and put them slowly together so that the hooks lock from top to bottom one by one as if by themselves. For this, bend the fastener with the eyelets slightly.
  5. Now, place the loose-fitting corset into the most comfortable  on your body.
  6. Lace the corset step by step in light strokes. Never use quick movements, as this can heat up the fabric and your skin and cause injury. The lacing will be slightly stretched from the top towards the middle and from the bottom towards the middle. Thus, the loop in the middle will become longer. Repeat this action without force, until the corset fits the body tightly.
  7. To make the waist even thinner, tighten the loops more tightly.
  8. Check again, whether the hook panel is vertical and whether you feel comfortable in the corset.
  9. Finally, tie the middle loops together with a tight bow so they can not come loose.
  10. As soon as the corset fits perfectly, hide or cut off the lower ends of the lacing, which hang down from under the corset.
  11. Note how to wear a corset. When worn for the first time, do not lace too tight. You can feel tight when you wear it for the first time. After some time, this feeling should go, if not, the corset is laced too tight. The corset will adapt to the body and become softer as time goes by. It is always true: You must feel comfortable in a corset at any time.

  Lacing instruction  

1. Lay the two corset halves on a flat surface so that the eyelets have a distance of approx. 10 cm to each other.  Start with to lace from the top to the middle diagonally to get a crosses.

2.  Leave long loops on both sides in the middle (with classic corsets at the waist line). Continue to lace as from the beginning till the lower end.

4. Put on the corset and make the waist line by slight tightening of the middle loops.

Finally, tighten the two loops in the middle to form a nice bow.





3. Check whether the lacing is in the correct position and has the equal distances between eyelets.

Make a simple knot at the undermost eyelet on the inside of the corset and tighten it up. Cut off the spare ends of the lacing.

  Standard corset  

made to measure

In this case, the determined measurements of the customer are transferred to existing standard cuts and individualized. The prefabricated articles are adjusted by individual needs in terms of width and length dimensions of the corresponding corset. Such corsets are not custom-made corsets, as many essential points are not considered, such as the individual body build.

  Custom-made corset  

bespoke corsetry

Custom-made production takes into account not only usual measurements, such as waist, hip, underbust and length, but also a variety of other factors, especially individual body build, such as posture, individual pressure points and costal arch, and often also special individual design elements.

These very special aspects do not only make the corset more comfortable to wear, but are also indispensable for irregularities of the body, which cannot be covered by a standard production.

At least one preliminary fitting try is required to optimize the cut to the personal physical conditions of the customer. This intermediate step ensures the wearing comfort of the corset so that the corset can be worn easily over long periods of time.

Call us and arrange an appointment. We will be happy to advise you!
Tel: +49 (0) 30 - 85 10 38 78

  Individual corset production  

ultimate bespoke corsetry

That is a production of individual unique items, which are created and customized according to specific customer requirements, ideas and their individual conditions. Thus, the corset cut is designed anew. Your idea or sketch of a historical dress will be realized creatively and technically competently.

Individually designed custom-made corsets – absolutely unique items – are produced under the label „Revanche de la femme“ for theatres, TV, film productions, shows, stage plays and individual personalities such as singers and actors.

Our corsets are characterized not only by original design, but also by precious materials, ideal fit, and perfect craftmanship.

You can see a brief overview of our references here: References

  Prices for corsets  

The prices for our corsets are defined by corset model, type of material, design (extras & design elements) and type of production (standard, customized or individual).

Here are some guide prices for our basic collection corsets:

  • Waist corset from 169, -   €
  • Underbust corset from 219, -  €
  • Half-bust corset from 219, -  €
  • Overbust corset from 229, -  €
  • Corset dress from 319, -  €
  • Zip corset from 329, -  €

Custom-made and individual productions incur additional costs amounting to approximately 20%-30%.

Extras such as piping, tunnels, lace borders, lace coating cover and other design elements involve additional costs.

We can inform you of binding price solely on account of your individual request.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or write an e-mail, we answer them gladly!

  Corset request / order  

You can order the desired corset from our collection:

Please note:

in the case of custom-made production and especially in the case of individualized fabrication, it is advisable to arrange with our designer appointments for consultation and preliminary fitting.

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  Wholesale  

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