  Quality of our corsets  

We fulfil unusually high quality standards of our creations in every respect by following highest requirements on each stage of corset production. Our internationally trained and experienced designer sketches all models and manufactures the prototypes by herself according to strictest requirements to fit form, wearing comfort and the selection of noblest materials. The prototype is released for production, only if it meets all these requirements fully.

After that, trained top handworker produce corsets according to a very old English tradition and under our permanent quality control. Of course - in line with our philosophy - we use only the finest fabrics and high-quality materials. Only corsets which have undergone a thorough final examination without any flaw are released for sale and delivery.

Only such consistent quality management ensures the sustainable success of our large model assortment - classical, modern and combined forms - and makes our laced corsets and accessories look so elegant and unique. We stand for this with our name.

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Quality of our corsets